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We are excited to welcome you to Shop velofix, an ecommerce Marketplace dedicated to providing an incredibly tailored and unique shopping experience. Whether you are looking to purchase a bike, upgrade your current bike or just add some important parts and accessories to make your ride a little better, we are here to help. What makes Shop velofix unique, is that we are the only online Marketplace that can provide professional, convenient and concierge installation and maintenance at your front door.  When you order from Shop velofix, you are able to connect the digital and physical experience of shopping online like never before.

With Shop velofix you can skip the trip to the bike shop and let us handle it all. Our certified technicians will deliver, assemble, and safety check your bike, guaranteeing a flawless ride from the start.

  • Convenience: Say goodbye to the hassles of transportation, scheduling, and waiting at the bike shop.
  • Quality: Our experienced technicians assemble your bike to the manufacturer's specifications, ensuring it's safe, reliable, and ready for the road.
  • Confidence: We're here to bridge the gap between online purchases and professional assembly, so you can ride away with confidence.
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