Varia RTL515 Rearview Radar with Taillight

$149.99 USD $199.99
Position: Rear
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  • See and be seen with Varia RTL515 rearview radar with tail light.
  • It pairs with your Edge bike computer, other Garmin device or compatible smartphone to alert you of vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters) away.
  • When used with your compatible smartphone, the Varia app helps increase your awareness with vibration alerts and more.
  • With daylight visibility up to 1 mile, motorists will be able to see you from a distance.
  • The radar’s compact vertical design allows for device mounting on most road-use bicycles.
  • Peloton mode provides a low-intensity flash that is kind to other riders’ eyes when riding in a group.
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Bracket On seatpost
Light Type LED
Lumen Range 1 - 50
Output 20 lumens
Position Rear
Primary Color Black
Rechargeable Yes
Run Time Up to 16h

  • • Rearview radar with tail light provides awareness of vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters) away
  • • Pairs seamlessly with your Edge bike computer and compatible smartphone as well as select Garmin wearables or the radar display unit
  • • When used with your compatible smartphone, the Varia, app provides graphics, plus tone and vibration alerts, that indicate approaching cars
  • • When used with a compatible smartphone, Varia, radar integrates with third-party apps such as Ride with GPS to overlay your maps with rearview radar alerts
  • • Daylight visibility up to 1 mile alerts motorists to your presence as soon as possible
  • C ompact vertical design mounts easily to most road-use bicycles
  • • Peloton mode provides a low-intensity light flash that is perfect for cycling in groups
  • • Battery life: up to 16 hours in day flash mode, up to 6 hours in solid mode

Garmin device- and smartphone-compatible cycling radar and tail light